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A business consultant is an experienced and successful professional in a variety
of specialized fields with the ability to observe and analyze objectively the
reality of a business using an effective methodology in order to propose the
best possible solution for business improvement and growth. The consultant
must have the ability to teach and communicate to business owners at their
level of experience.

No one expects a business owner to have the solution to every business
problem and challenge the company goes through whether it’s a “good” or
“bad” problem. Also, it’s not about whether the consultant is smarter or has
more experience than the business owner. It’s about having a sounding board
that has the experience, best practices, and methodology required to help the
business owner make the best decisions possible and to help them to think
outside the box. Businesses also benefit from having fresh “outside eyes” to
help them identify areas of opportunity for the businesss future growth and
continuous improvement.

Our consulting services are usually independent of the size of the business.
However, as a rule of thumb, costs could be anywhere between 0.5% to 2.5% of
annualized revenue.

Choosing the right advisor is a challenge. It must be someone you can trust, that
has a proven track record, that understands your business, and most
importantly that understands you and your goals. Most consultants will only
help you to create “a beautiful plan” but the real challenge comes at the
moment of implementing it. We believe it is crucial that the consultant be
willing to help you implement the plan that was designed in order to have the
highest level of success

Yes, we offer an initial free consultation which generally helps us understand
the initial challenges that need to be addressed, allows you to get to know us
and allows us to get to know you.

We have over 20 years of consulting and advising experience in a variety of
fields with domestic and international companies in both small and large in the
forprofit and nonprofit realms.

Our expertise focused on three areas: strategy, management and finance for
small privately held businesses that are in growth mode. We help our clients
strengthen their business model, restructure their organization for future
growth, create processes for improved efficiencies, develop strategic plans,
restructure financial positions, facilitate annual retreats, etc.

We offer a sales commission for anyone that is able to directly introduce us to
prospects that we close that are not already in our database. We also have a
very simple billing model for our clients where we do not charge by the hour nor
do we nickel and dime them. With our model, there is no need for loyalty

Our projects can generally go from three months to a year or more depending
on the client’s needs. Our contracts a monthtomonth with no longterm
commitment. We believe in providing value and not forcing anyone to work
with us.

We provide a tailored approach to consulting for clients. The scope is
determined by the actual needs of the business which are identified in an initial
conversation with a client. As the diligence process begins some of those needs
and challenges may come to light which can require some adjustments to the

Our consulting services focus on around resolving issues concerning strategy,
management and finance. The goal is to create a structure or a culture that is to
say develop tools and adapt behavior to allow the company to achieve its
ultimate goal of growth.

Our model is flexible which allows us to perform our consulting services in
person, virtually or a combination. The need for our presence will be
determined by the clients’ challenges and work style preferences.

When there are travel expenses required those are proposed and must be
approved by our client beforehand. We provide invoices as proof of any
expense incurred for the scope at hand. If the client chooses to pay the vendor
directly, they can.

Our billing model is based on a retainer that is typically billed at the beginning of
each month with 15day terms. We do not charge by the hour as we prefer to
have fluid communication with our clients to help them achieve their goals in
realtime not only at our regularly scheduled meetings

Depending on the scope there is a diligence period which generally consists of a
combination of financial analysis, a companywide survey, an interview of key
personnel and management, and other tools that help us determine an
appropriate assessment.

Yes, we have several info graphs describing the impact our firm has had on the
success of our clients and can provide those through our website or by reaching
out to us directly.

Achieving our agreedupon scope of work. Our goal is to provide value by
achieving the desired outcomes be at in business model improvement, strategic
and purpose visioning, organizational cultural improvement, strengthens
financial position, better sales structure, etc.

Our terms are simple: give the process time; problems do not change overnight,
especially when they are behavioralrelated. Give our meetings the importance
they require and follow up on the action items that are discussed.

Our goal as a consultant is to become a key trusted advisors of the business
owner to help them make the best decisions possible with the information
available to achieve greater and longterm growth and prosperity for the

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*Our meeting locations are flexible: we can meet at your office or at any ROAM Workspace and Paradigm Workhub locations around the metro-Atlanta area.

*Our meeting locations are flexible: we can meet at your office or at any ROAM Workspace and Paradigm Workhub locations around the metro-Atlanta area.