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Consulting Audit Scorecard

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Strategic Health of Your Business
1 Business developed and actively implements a well thought out strategic plan (mission, vision, values, model, ideal clients, objectives, financial projections).
2 Individual staff goals are aligned with the company's overarching goals creating a successful oriented organization.
3 Key positions in the company have a succession plan in place that guarantee strong leadership and experienced management for the company's long-term success.
4 Company has a strong organizational culture that is well structured to support its staff creating a positive environment of teamwork, communication and success.
5 Company has a very strong management team that truly supports its staff with the right guidance and positive accountability while continuously seeking to improve.
6 Company has well-designed and efficient processes that are used as tools by staff to control costs and offer an exceptional client experience.
7 Company has a solid business model based on pricing and costing analysis that minimize its risk and strengthen its scalability.
8 Company has staff with finance/treasury experience (or outsourced support) that knows how to manage its finances efficiently by using proven financial tools.
9 Company uses the right financial strategies to optimize its cash flow and working capital by using forecasting tools and cash management policies among others.
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Strategic Planning Management Improvement Funding
0 0 0
Assistance from Atlantic Consulting is a luxury.
Require limited assistance from Atlantic Consulting.
Require assistance from Atlantic Consulting for some areas of business.
Require significant assistance from Atlantic Consulting.
69 - Below
Urgently require assistance from Atlantic Consulting.
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