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Consulting Audit Scorecard

This area has not been addressed
(2 points)
This needs serious improvement
(4 points)
This needs some improvement
(6 points)
This needs minimal improvement
(8 points)
This area has been fully addressed
(10 points)
How Strategically Healthy Is your Business
1 As the owner, I'm not sure what else to do to continue growing the company OR I need help managing the company's growth
2 The business developed a well thought out strategic plan (mission, vision, values, objectives, financial projections)
3 The business has a clear and solid business model
4 The business works from a detailed and focused project plan each year
5 My team is focused on the projects that have the highest impact on company growth.
6 The business has a well designed and efficient processes and procedures.
7 The business has a well trained and integrated staff/management team.
8 The business has very clear methods to measure the ongoing achievement of results.
9 The business has the appropriate credit vehicle with the right amount for my company: line of credit or loan
10 The company manages my cashflow very well using a cashflow forecast and budget
Overall Score:
Score per Service Area:
Strategic Planning Management Improvement Funding
0 0 0
Assistance from Atlantic Consulting is a luxury.
Require limited assistance from Atlantic Consulting.
Require assistance from Atlantic Consulting for some areas of business.
Require significant assistance from Atlantic Consulting.
69 - Below
Urgently require assistance from Atlantic Consulting.
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